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Porsche Centre North Toronto

Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection

The Porsche Centre North Toronto Multi-Point Inspection

The Porsche Multi-Point Inspection Report is a series of thorough vehicle “health checks” performed by our factory-trained Porsche technicians. It is designed to keep your Porsche operating in top condition and to minimize your chances of being inconvenienced on the road.

The comprehensive inspection includes:

Check Fluid Levels and Fill

- Engine Oil
- Windshield Washer
- Power Steering
- Transmission (if equipped w/ dipstick)
- Brake Reservoir
- Headlamp Washer
- Coolant Recovery Reservoir

Check Battery Condition

Check Brakes
-Measure Front / Rear Brake Linings

Check Tires
-Tread Depth
-Wear Pattern / Damage
-Tire Wear Indicators



Check Following Systems / Components

-Operation of horn, interior lights, exterior lamps, turn
signals, hazard and brake lamps
-Visually inspect headlamp alignment
-Windshield washer spray, wiper operation and wiper blades
-Windshield cracks and/or chips
-Heating, ventilation and air conditioning check
-Engine air cleaner filter
-Oil and/or fluid leaks
-Constant velocity (CV) drive axle boots (if equipped)
-Exhaust system (leaks, damage, loose parts)
-Steering and steering linkages
-Shocks/struts, air suspension and other suspension
components for leaks and/or damage
-Brake system (including lines, hoses and parking brake)
-Engine cooling system, hoses and clamps
-Radiator, heater and air conditioning hoses for leaks / damage
-Accessory drive belt(s)
-Clutch operation (if equipped)

Includes Porsche Centre North Toronto License Plate Protectors (Optional)

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