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Wiper Blades and Safety

Written by Daniel Arent, Service Advisor

Wiper blades are an extremely important part of keeping your vehicle in safe operating order. Although they seem like a small/minor component, they do play a vital roll in the safe operation of your vehicle. When driving, visibility is an essential requirement to keep you on the road safely. Wipers can show you signs of wear in many ways; these range from streaking, splitting, skipping, scraping, smearing and squeaking. As the rubber in the wiper blade begins to dry it can contribute to unpleasant noises such as a squeal or squeak. The sun with its UV rays, harsh soaps and chemicals can contribute to the rubber on your wiper blades drying out. When dry they can also skip or chatter across your windshield. As the rubber dries little pieces of rubber break away or separate from the wiper blade and cause streaks. If a wiper blade is severely worn out it can scrape across your windshield and this will in turn affect the windshield and could score it, causing grooves in the glass, an unpleasant sight as you’re driving, but more importantly can also be a distraction in your field of vision. Wiper blades can get torn and split for multiple reasons.

To prolong the life of your wiper blades it is recommended to clear off your windshield of any snow and ice in the winter before use, make sure wipers are not frozen to the glass before operating. Giving the wipers a good wipe down on the contact surface after a car wash with a clean clothe will remove any debris built up on them. Although many customers can get about a year or more out of a set of wiper blades, it is recommended to replace the wipers twice a year. Many customers replace them in the fall (before winter) and in the spring (after winter) and generally line up the replacement of wipers with their seasonal tire change over appointments. A relatively inexpensive component can make a major difference in your daily commute.

Date Posted: February 10, 2020