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Winterizing your Porsche

Written by Shawn Skilich, Bronze Certified Technician

Sweaters and jackets, leaves falling and turning orangey-red, Halloween, cool evenings and seeing holiday decorations!  Yup, either love it or hate it…it is that time of the year when it is cold and temperatures drop!  Some Porsche enthusiasts, owners, and drivers look at this as a somber event and others view it as excitement.  While some vehicle owners put their cars away for the winter, others look at this as an opportunity to enjoy! 

Porsche cars are more than capable to drive in the winter months.  Features such as ABS, traction control, and Porsche rated winter tires, along with driver training offer at Porsche Ice Experience all equip you for fun and safe winter driving.  These tools help you with driving in the winter while keeping the enjoyment.  Please keep in mind when temperatures drop 7 Celsius, it is recommended to have the proper tires to accommodate these low temperatures.  Also, this is a good opportunity to see if all your maintenances, services and fluids are up to date. 

While some hibernate their cars, others see it also as a time to fix or modify their Porsche cars especially the older and the classic ones.  It is a perfect time to restore your classic Porsche, when it needs a bit of love to bring it back to spec.  As Spring approaches around March to May, your vehicle can be “turn-key” and ready to be back on the road. 

We also offer services to get your Porsche stored for the winter.  Proper maintenances, storage tools (such as battery maintainer) and a custom fitted Porsche original car cover.  

Hope to see you all at PCNT! 

Date Posted: October 31, 2019