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Tips For Storing Your Porsche

Written by Juliana Veiga, Service Advisor

As the days start getting shorter and the nights start getting cooler, we’re coming to that time of year where the fun is over for some of our vehicles and it’s time to put them away for the cold winter months.  With that being said, there are very important points to consider to avoid deterioration while your Porsche is being stored.

  1. Never park your Porsche outside and use a tarp to cover it, as it will trap moisture under the tarp and cause the car to start rusting.  You can purchase a variety of genuine Porsche car covers that will offer the best protection for your vehicle through our Parts Department.
  2. You should bring your vehicle to your Porsche Centre to perform at the very least an oil and filter service.  Old oil becomes acidic and if left inside the engine, contaminants and moisture will evaporate out of the oil creating condensation which will cause corrosion inside the engine. 
  3. Add a good quality fuel stabilizer before storing your Porsche.  It will protect the engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion in the fuel system.  Afterwards fill the tank with premium fuel—the fuller the tank, the less space there is to accumulate moisture.
  4. The tires should be overinflated to the maximum PSI rating (approximately 50psi).  Doing so will prevent the tires from developing flat spots while stored so you won’t have to worry about your ride not being smooth when you take it out of storage.
  5. Install a Porsche battery trickle charger (also available from our Parts Department) to maintain the battery during those storage months.  No one likes getting to their vehicle and finding out that it won’t start and not to mention the fact that a properly maintained battery will last longer, therefore saving you money.  Also ensure that the vehicle is locked and the alarm is armed, as this allows all the control units to fully go to sleep using the least amount of battery power possible.
  6. Last thing to bear in mind is that rodents love to find their way into your vehicle, especially during the cold months when they are seeking warmth.  This can potentially wreak havoc if they start chewing any electrical wires.  The solution is to use some deterrents, for example moth balls around the perimeter of the car, laundry fabric sheets inside the cabin and trunk and if there are any openings to the cabin, you can use a ball of steel wool.

Although we’re all sad to put our Porsches away for the winter, these tips will ensure that that happiness returns without interruption when the flowers start blooming again!

Date Posted: August 21, 2018