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Spring Ready!

Written by Shawn Skilich, Technician

It’s that time of the year! Roads are dry, the sun is shinning and there’s a nice cool breeze. We can even go topless, meaning leaving the convertible top open! That being said, we are all excited to drive our cars that have been stored over the cold winter months. There’s a few things we have to consider before we take these high-performance cars out. For vehicles that we drive all year round, we also have to make sure it is also ready for spring and summer. 

For vehicles that are driven all year round, switch your winter tires to summer. Ideally when temperatures are more than 7 degrees Celsius consistently, summer and all-season tires have the right compound for this warmer road conditions. Having the correct Porsche "N" rating and the right tires, it will maximize the vehicle’s performance on the road. After storage, check the tire pressure to make sure they are correct before hitting the road. Do a visual check as well, make sure the tires are not flat or have cracking on them. Low or high tire pressures can lead to uneven wear on your tires and can cost you in the long run. 

Have your brakes professionally inspected. We at Porsche will have the correct tools and measurements to make sure your brakes are up to specifications. When a car has been sitting for awhile, brakes tend to have rust build up and may cause your brakes to seize.

It is given that there will be rain when spring hits Toronto. Make sure your wipers are in good shape and that they are wiping the glass clear. Check for tears and cracks. If they do not have a clear wipe or they appear cracked or make a high-pitched squeaking noise as they wipe across your windshield; it’s time for a new fresh pair. Also, don’t forget the rear wipers too! Porsche OEM wipers will fit 100% to your vehicle and will perform to their high standards.  

Make sure your vehicle’s main battery is in good shape and has a full charge. Usually when the vehicle ‘hibernates’ during the winter, the battery becomes weak and susceptible as the colder temperature overpowers the battery’s charge. If your vehicle has a slow start or requires a boost, it is time for a new battery. Having the right Porsche OEM battery will make sure it is the right amperage and voltage and size for your Porsche.

Check if your Porsche needs maintenance. Check your mileage and your owner’s manual if your maintenance is up to date. Make sure your fluid levels are correct and the condition of the filters are clear and clean. Having a well-maintained and having the right Porsche OEM maintenance parts will make driving your Porsche experience more exhilarating! 

Having a clean Porsche goes well together with a well-maintained Porsche. Use a checklist to make sure you clean every nook and cranny – that means washing and waxing, clearing out that built-up clutter of dirt and leaves inside the vehicle’s wheel wells, and whipping out the handheld vacuum to pick up all that dirt that accumulated over the winter. Also make sure there’s no salt stains anywhere that can lead to corrosion if not taken care off!  

Spring and summer are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Having a vehicle that is in tiptop condition is a way to enjoy for long drives, road trips, longevity of the vehicle and spirited driving with these high-performance vehicles.

Date Posted: April 9, 2018