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Spark Plug Maintenance

Written by Tony Liu, Service Advisor

One maintenance item vehicle owner tends to forget is the replacement of spark plugs. The purpose of the spark plugs is to transmit electrical signal sent from the ignition coil at a set time to create a spark a that ignites the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. A good spark plug will burn fuel efficiently while a bad or failing spark plugs will cause problems. Some of the symptoms that may occur with a bad or failing plug is the stumbling and vibration of the vehicle while driving, accompanied by your check engine light flashing or staying on. If the vehicle is continued to be driven in a misfiring state, the exhaust emission will increase, the engine power will be reduced and fuel economy will drop. A more severe issue that may arise is excessive gasoline that enters the exhaust system can create higher temperatures in the catalytic converter, which could damage the unit and other vehicle components.  Other signs to be aware of is the decrease in fuel economy and difficulty starting your vehicle. When the electrode gap starts to wear out and the gap starting to get bigger, your vehicle will start sending out small signals that it needs to be inspected by a technician.

Being proactive in changing your spark plugs can help prevent unnecessary vehicle break down and expenses to your vehicle. Porsche vehicles typically replaces spark plugs every 4 years or 60,000km. The 911 Turbo, Panamera Turbo and the Macan is recommended at 45,000km.

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Date Posted: August 30, 2019