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Porsche Centre North Toronto

Shop N Shop

Written by Leslie Woods, Customer Concierge

Shop N Shop? What’s a Shop N Shop? At Porsche Centre North Toronto the Shop N Shop is the boutique where we highlight and display our Porsche Driver Selection products. Whether you are an avid collector of Porsche or have never owned one yet, this is the place to immerse yourself into the world of Porsche.

Inspired by design, prestige and tradition our Porsche Drivers Selection collections offer a way for you to express your true Porsche Passion.

Our Shop N Shop boutique is conveniently located in our showroom. Our boutique sits at 15 square metres and is highlighted by a four-metre tall light tower for top quality illumination, and a large graphic panel. You can’t miss it! With four wide display cases, two clothing racks, two large floor cubes, mannequins modelling specific apparel and a seating cube with a side table, you’ll know you’re standing in our Shop N Shop Boutique.

The Shop N Shop features Porsche Drivers Selection from many different Porsche collections, such as The Masterpieces Collection featuring the 911 Soundbar and the 911 Speaker. We have items from the 911 Collection which features the Sport Chronograph Watch, Travel Bag and Messenger Bag, Polo Shirts, Men’s Jackets as well as the Collectors Cup or Espresso Cups. There is the RS 2.7 Collection which features Men’s and Women’s Jackets, Polo Shirts, Leisure Bag, and Tumbler Glasses. We even have the Children’s 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Pedal Car. There is also the Martini Racing Collection featuring such items as Men and Women’s Jackets and Polo Shirts. Included in the Martini Racking collection is a great selection of bags including the Backpack, Sports Bag and Shoulder Bag. The Martini Collection doesn’t stop there as it also includes Umbrella’s, Collector Cups and Espresso Cups. Other unique items include the Martini Racing Baseball Caps or Martini Racing 918 Spyder USB Stick. Another set of products available is the Home and Office Collection. In this collection you will find everyday items such as Porsche Crest Mugs, Porsche Crest Espresso Sets and Porsche Thermal Travel Mugs, as well as unique one-of-a-kind items such as the Porsche Classic Cooler, Porsche Bottle Opener and Porsche Bottle Stopper. Also available are detailed diecast models such a 1:43 scale Model Macan or the Limited Edition 1:18 scale 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Models.

Whether you are looking for sunglasses, cufflinks, wallets, watches, polo shirts, jackets, luggage or simply a new baseball cap, our Shop N Shop has something for everyone. Stop by the Shop N Shop today to check out the latest Porsche Driver Selection products and find the perfect items to express your Porsche Passion.

Date Posted: February 26, 2018