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Road Trip?

Written by Tony Liu, Service Advisor

Spring is here and for many of us that means it’s time to plan a road trip, driving to the cottage or just taking out your summer vehicle out of hibernation. Whether your car has been out in the harsh cold winter weather or in storage, it is important to make sure your vehicle will be driving safely and efficiently. Here are some tips and recommendation to check on your vehicle before next spring/summer expedition.

One of the first things to do for spring maintenance is to switch out your winter tires and into your summer or all-season tires. Winter tires are ideal for winter road conditions but when it comes to dry warm weather traction is compromised and it also wears your winter tires down prematurely. If your all-season or summer tires are on, make sure to check your tire pressure and tread depth. If you notice any uneven wear on the tire tread it is a good idea to get your alignment checked and possible realigned. If your tire tread is already low it is best to install new tires altogether as they are one of the most important components to have when driving safely and efficiently. 

Changing your engine oil and filter at your service interval is one of the best ways to keep the engine running trouble free. Neglecting to replace engine oil can result in poor engine performance, higher fuel consumption and even severe engine damage. While changing your engine oil, you should also check your fluids to make sure all levels are good, as low levels may indicate a leak.

Checking your battery and wipers are also important when it comes to spring maintenance. After enduring the cold Canadian winter, it is a good idea to make sure your battery is still strong and running properly. Vehicle batteries deteriorate faster in cold weather conditions, so if you notice your vehicle is taking longer to start and your battery is over 4-5 years old it is best to get it tested. Wiper blades are also affected with ice and snow, check if they have cracks or tears or are just worn out and replace them if required. A bad wiper blade won’t do you much good in the middle of spring shower when visibility is reduced.

The best time to detail your vehicle is after winter to remove all the salt stains on your vehicles exterior body and interior carpet. Shampooing your carpets and waxing the vehicle body will help protect and keep your car looking fresh. If you notice any paint chips on the body it is best to touch up early before rust starts building up.

Spring maintenance is important and should be a priority before going on your driving adventure. Making sure your car is in great shape will protect yourself, prevent unexpected break downs and prolong the life of your vehicle.

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Date Posted: May 10, 2018