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Porsche vs. The Car Wash

Nothing brings a car enthusiast more joy than to step back and look at their freshly washed vehicle. It gives us a sense of pride to show off our car when looking its very best. As winter descends upon us, some Porsche owners store their cars away from the ice, snow and salt and others choose to drive theirs all year. In the summer, most people are happy to hand wash their cars in their driveway to give it that personal touch that only the true car lover can appreciate. That becomes much harder to do when it is 20 below outside.

Enter the drive thru car wash. Many gas stations have drive thru car washes advertising things like ‘showroom clean’, ‘super wax’, and many other specialty washes. They can be a great supplement for when the hand wash is unfeasible but caution must also be taken that you are bringing your prized possession to the right one. Damage can be caused to wheels and underbody components from the tracks pulling your Porsche through the wash. Touchless washes are now most popular because there are no spinning brushes or dirty fabrics being dragged across the paint. But touchless is not necessarily the best. In order to get the same level of clean without any physical contact, touchless washes have to use very harsh chemicals to break down the dirt. Another biproduct of touchless washes is the pressure of the water being sprayed out of the jets. They have been known to be so strong that the water can bypass the rubber seals on windows and doors and create leaks into the interior or other vital components. Damage to these seals and components caused by high water pressure is not covered under your vehicles warranty. 

Whenever possible, we recommend hand washing your Porsche using the two-bucket method with grit guards installed in the bottoms of both buckets. More care can be given to sensitive areas on your Porsche by doing it by hand. If this is not an option, we have many detailing packages available at Porsche Centre North Toronto using the highest level of products, equipment and a highly trained staff with many years of experience. Please feel free to contact a member of our service staff to book an appointment and bring your Porsche back to showroom condition without the risks that come with automated car washes.

Date Posted: January 18, 2019