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Porsche In Formula E

Written by Rachelle Cooper, Sales Executive

As everyone knows, racing is in Porsche’s DNA. Porsche cars have been roaring around racetracks such as Daytona, Nürburgring and Silverstone since the early 1950’s. Now for the first time, Porsche is taking on a new kind of race – Formula-E.

If you are not yet familiar with Formula-E, it is an all-electric open wheel road-course race.  Races take place on closed streets of different cities all around the world.

With a top speed of 280km/h the all new Porsche Formula-E race car is called 99X.  The 99X has been developed with an all new power train, cooling system and rear axle suspension that is specific to this Formula-E car.  With Battery technology evolving so quickly, the car is equipped with some really cool features; such as Power Attack Mode.

Power Attack Mode allows the drivers to achieve 230kW instead of the 200kW in power race mode.  In order to engage Power Attack Mode drivers will have to pass their competitors off the normal racing line.  You will know when a driver has engaged Power Attack Mode by the blue LED lights on the racecar’s halo.

In Formula-E you, the fans are just as important as the drivers. With the Fan Boost you can now log on to the Formula-E official website and vote for your favourite car and driver.  Porsche and TAG Heuer have teamed up with Neel Jani of Switzerland in the number 18 Porsche and André Lotterer of Germany in the number 33 Porsche for Porsche’s first ever Formula-E season.  The Fan Boost can give your driver an added edge. If your driver in the top five for the Fan Boost leaderboard they will be given an extra boost of power they can use during the race. Fan Boost voting can be done once every day.

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Date Posted: January 16, 2020