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Porsche Car Value

Written by Jerry Liu, Sales Executive

From my own experience, I realized how a Porsche keeps its value very well.  When it comes to leasing a vehicle, most customers like to get out of their leases early on without paying a penalty or having a lease balance to worry about. Due to the fact that Porsche maintains its value so well, I have been able to help many customers trade in their leased vehicle early because the value of the car was the same (or more) as their lease buyout price. Sometimes customers have even had positive equity which they can apply toward the lease or purchase of their new vehicle. While cars are typically known to depreciate, some Porsche cars do not always follow the same trend.

Porsche cars are known to be a very reliable – a statistic we are very proud of is that over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road.  This has created a very strong market for Pre-Owned Porsche vehicles which is very attractive for many buyers whom would like by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. This presents a great opportunity for both the person wanting to get out of their lease and get in to a new vehicle and for a new buyer to purchase a nice Pre-Owned Porsche.  Additionally, Porsche Centre North Toronto will often offer most of our Pre-Owned cars as Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned which includes an additional two years of warranty with unlimited kilometers.  The unlimited kilometer warranty is a superb way to offer a great peace of mind.

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Date Posted: November 25, 2019