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Porsche Car Connect

Written By: Muhammad Shahzad, Porsche Pro

Porsche Car Connect extends the existing functions of your sports car with intelligent services and apps. This aims to make the connection between driver and vehicle even closer. Designed as a proprietary connectivity and communication system, Porsche Car Connect (PCC) helps you stay up-to-date on current news events, manage incoming messages and phone calls. Additionally, PCC will help you navigate your way through dense traffic with real time traffic updates as well as stay linked to your Porsche vehicle using your mobile device. The PCC app transforms your smartphone into the perfect remote control for your Porsche -- users are able to lock the doors, access vehicle statistics and even locate the vehicle’s real time location. Porsche Connect can be found across the entire Porsche lineup. Available standard on 911, Panamera, 2019 Cayenne and 2019 Macan models. It may be additionally added on the 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, and 2018 Macan models during the time of configuration.

Some of the major functions of the Porsche Connect App are:

Trip planning: Porsche Connect offers a variety of trip planning features that allow you to plan your route and other aspects of the trip from your tablet, computer or phone.

Porsche monitoring: If you can’t stand to have your Porsche out of your sight (and we understand if you feel that way), the Porsche Connect App allows you to view your car’s data and statistics from anywhere.

Statistics: Keep track of travel distance, average speed, fuel consumption and more right from your smartphone or Apple Watch.

Car-Finder: If your Porsche is lost or stolen, it can be located using Porsche Connect.

360-degree route preview: Helps you get where you’re going faster by allowing you to preview your route using Google Street View.

Hands-free messaging and calling: Apple CarPlay allows you to send messages hands free so you can concentrate on driving your Porsche. Also use third party apps to listen to music or navigate your way around the city.

Vehicle Tracking System: Prevents theft by notifying you and a 24/7 Security Operating Center if your vehicle is moved.

Real time traffic information and route guidance with the option of Google Earth Satellite view.

Turn on heat, AC, lock doors, fold in your mirrors and more remotely for hybrid specific vehicles.

Calendar. Check appointments and other commitments right from the driver’s seat.

App destinations. Synchs with your calendar to get you right where you need to be for your next appointment.

Essentially, your Porsche Connect App turns your smartphone into a co-pilot, helping you to stay connected to the world around you while also helping you to stay connected to and aware of your car while you’re away. All these services will require some sort of Internet connection. You may turn your car into an Internet hot spot. Passengers can surf the Internet while you’re driving, and you can surf along with them while parked. Simply use your mobile device to establish the hotspot or insert SIM card with a data plan allowing for a wireless internet connection.

Date Posted: November 30, 2018