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Our Porsche Tequipment Cleaning Car Care Products

Written by Daniel Paul, Parts Advisor

Whether you drive your Porsche all year round or just a leisure summer driver, your car is likely to get dirty!  It’s hard to avoid that but we have a solution for this.  We carry a variety of Porsche cleaning products for your specific needs. 

We have available is an exterior washing shampoo that’s also can be used for the convertible tops.  It has that water-repellent effect while preserving the wax and coatings.  Speaking of waxes, we have that available as well!  Our Porsche wax preserves the vehicles’ outer layer while protecting it from the UV rays. Having a good quality of wax also repels and can easily be washed off from bird droppings, insects/bugs and rain.  This wax will restore, protect your paint for as long as you own your vehicle and will leave a high gloss finish!  To maintain and protect and seal your exterior paint, we also have a paint polish that will enhance the gloss and remove haze and very minor scratches.  We also have an insect remover spray that can be applied before washing the vehicle.  Perfect for the front end of the vehicle and has an excellent gel formula that is strong but yet gentle on your paint.  We also offer a convertible top conditioner for our Cabriolet owners like Boxster and 911s. Keep the convertible top in tip top shape and protected from the elements like snow and sun! 

To cap off the look of the exterior of your Porsche is having a nice set of clean wheels!  We offer a spray to clean off brake dusts and stubborn grime and dirt.  Within minutes, the reaction of the cleaner is very visible.  Although a strong liquid, it is acid-free.  Very user friendly; spray on, allow the liquid to react, rinse off and done! 

Don’t forget your interior.  We spend most of our time in the interior of the car, it’s nice to have it all clean when we are in there.  Here at Porsche, we offer interior cleaning products such as Porsche leather cleaner and also a Porsche leather conditioner.  A Porsche microfibre cleaning cloth will wipe the interior nicely. 

Please visit us here at Porsche North Toronto.  We have an extensive range and options for cleaning products for your Porsche.  We also have kits available per application with a very attractive carry-on. 

Date Posted: July 7, 2020