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It's Here. The New Cayenne

Written by Erica Zhao, Sales Executive

Finally, we are ready to welcome the all-new 3rd generation Porsche Cayenne to Canada!

This vehicle has been a core contributor to the brand’s incredible success over the past 15 years, and has undergone a complete overhaul. The New Cayenne doesn’t share a single component with its   predecessor and has been reimaged and reengineered to be superior in every category. 

This article will give you a summary of some main new features about the 2019 Cayenne.

What changed on size?

The length of the new Cayenne has increased by 63mm, the width increased by 29mm, the height has decreased by 9mm, which make it more comfortable and convenient to get in and out of the vehicle. 

What changed in Exterior and Interior?

The front dsign has undergone some minor changes to make it looks sleeker and more striking than before.

The rear: A full-width lighting element replaces the old bulbous rear taillights, bringing the rear-end design closer in line with what's found on the 911 and Panamera.

Interior:  The center stack is simplified with touch-capacitive controls and it got a new Shifter Design, New Interior Trim Concept, PCM 5.0 with High Res 12.3” Screen; and New Adaptive Sport Seat w/Integrated Headrest and Digital 4-Zone Climate Control became optional.

Engine highlights:

The two engines were already used in the 2017 Panamera and have undergone vehicle-specific adaptation to the Cayenne.  The design highlights of the new engine generation are the deep skirt crankcase and the turbochargers located in the inner V of the engine, which has a positive effect

on exhaust-gas aftertreatment and the responsiveness of the turbochargers. One turbo is used on the standard model which produced 335hp and two turbos are used on the S model which produced 435hp.

The engines are lighter than the previous models in spite of the turbochargers. 

The enhanced 8-speed Tiptronic S

The transmission of the 2019 Cayenne is an enhancement of the 8-speed, 8HP transmission from ZF. This was optimized for the new Cayenne in order to achieve maximum sportiness combined with improved fuel efficiency. The larger ratio speed, reduced friction in the shift elements, the use of a more efficient ATF pump as well as the intelligent shift program developed by Porsche, all contribute to enhanced efficiency.

One of the special features of the compact transmission with flanged-on hang-on all-wheel-drive is the separation of the oil systems of the different transmission units - this means that each unit is supplied with the optimum lubricant. 

Off-road functions  

The off-road functions that can be selected via the PCM are a new feature in the 2019 Cayenne. In previous models, it was only possible to activate the rear differential lock. The aptly named off-road functions are: Gravel, Mud, Sand, and Rocks. Each will adapt the vehicle drive and chassis systems to the given terrain. For example, the basic lock-up torques of the center and rear differential locks are increased, as is the engine speed of the shift strategy. The interventions of Porsche Stability Management (PSM) and ABS as well as for controlling understeer also take place later on. On vehicles with air suspension, the ride height is increased.

The Chassis

The newly developed chassis of the 2019 Cayenne is designed for outstanding sportiness combined with enhanced comfort. Rear axle steering is available for the Cayenne for the first time. A variety of enhanced chassis systems ensure excellent driving stability in many different conditions. For example: Electronic Chassis Platform (ECP) combines several chassis systems. It analyzes the driving situation looking at longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration and calculates the optimum driving condition for the vehicle. All of this occurs in real time. Among other things, the ECP system controls PASM to regulate the damper hardness, the air sprint system to adjust ride height and spring rates as well as PDCC Sport to control anti-roll stabilization. The following sensors are installed in order to detect the driving conditions:

  • 4-wheel acceleration sensors on the wheel carriers
  • 4 body acceleration sensors on the body and
  • 4 level sensors on the axles

All in all, in contrast to its practicality, proportions and the comfort it offers, the new Cayenne delivers uncanny and unparalleled performance. The impression left on the driver of the new Cayenne is one that cannot be replicated among our competitors. It is truly the sports car among SUV’s.

Should you have any questions regarding ordering your new Cayenne, please feel to contact us.

Date Posted: September 18, 2018