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High Performance Driving Education

High Performance Driving Education

Written by Fari Teymourtash, Sales Executive

Porsche enthusiasts come in different flavors.  Some of us may like to drive our Porsche cars only on sunny days, never in rain or snow, and always keep them in mint showroom condition. We may spend countless hours detailing our cars.  People around us may not share our passion, but we know that we love every minute that we get to spend with our beloved Porsche while admiring their design and superior performance.

Then, there are the everyday real-life type enthusiasts.  Those are the ones whom would say Porsche is the most practical sports car in the world.  A car that you can drive to work everyday, do your grocery shopping, throw the bike/skis on the roof rack, take a road trip and enjoy the superior handling and performance of the car all year around. Some owners opt to put a set of winter tires on the car and drive the Porsche in winter and snow too.  Afterall, Porsche cars do have great performance and handling in dry and wet conditions, so why not?

Having come from a racing heritage, Porsche has always had a strong presence and following amongst high performance driving enthusiasts.   Hence, there are also those of us whom are the weekend warriors!  In addition to driving our Porsche cars daily, we also drive to auto cross and track events every chance we get.  There, we would get to drive our Porsche cars in a safe and controlled environment close to our limit as drivers, and no where near what the car limits are.  These events are generally held as Driver Education (DE) programs with great focus on safety.  The students are paired with instructors for the entire weekend to ensure a safe and pleasant learning experience. 

One of the best Driver Education programs is through the Porsche Club of America (PCA). The local PCA chapter for Toronto is the Upper Canada Region (UCR) which holds Driver Education events every month from April-October at the famous Canadian Tire Motorsport Park track (aka Mosport). 

Porsche Cars Canada also offers a vast amount of Porsche Experience programs including: Track Experience, Ice Experience, Travel Experience, Off-road Experience, and Adventure experience. Each experience is designed to enhance the connection between Porsche and driver. Through hands-on training, you’ll master the drive, conquer the road, and most importantly, move in harmony with the spirit of Porsche. No matter which program you choose, you’ll undoubtedly discover what makes a Porsche so special. For more information on these programs visit:

In my opinion, going to the Porsche high performance driving events is the most rewarding experience of owning a Porsche.  In such settings, we learn to be better drivers while getting a sense how fantastic our Porsche cars are.  It is a great feeling and experience to drive one’s Porsche at the track, then drive the car legally at high speeds and performance level on the track, and drive back home at the end of day—that is what I think makes Porsche cars so special.  And, the fact that more than 70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still on the road is a great testament to how wonderful our beloved Porsche cars are. 

Date Posted: September 30, 2019