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Porsche Centre North Toronto

The Porsche Centre North Toronto Team

John Cappella

John Cappella | Managing Director

John’s passion for Porsche started at a young age with his admiration of the 959, the fastest street-legal production car of its time.  With three decades of enthusiasm for Porsche and almost two decades of luxury automotive experience, John has led the development of Porsche Centre North Toronto from the very beginning.  John’s vision and commitment is to deliver a new and exciting experience for Porsche customers and enthusiasts for years to come.

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Matthew Tam

Matthew Tam | General Sales Manager

From a very young age, Matthew grew up fascinated with performance and luxury cars. He opted for spending his allowance on car magazines rather than comic books. In 1998, Matthew began his career in the automotive industry. He has had the opportunity to work for other performance and luxury manufacturers before starting to work for his favorite car company, Porsche. When not researching the automotive industry, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, cycling, and experimenting with international culinary arts.

Phone: 416.573.8014 • Email:

Joe Mazzara

Joe Mazzara | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Joe has been in the automotive industry since 1997. His experience spans across various luxury and performance auto brands which leads him to deliver a superb customer experience. Joe prides himself on being able to help customers find their dream Porsche. He enjoys seeing customers drive off in a Pre-Owned Porsche with a big smile on their face. Joe’s favorite Porsche is the 996 GT2.   

Phone: 647.529.7268 • Email:

Joe Nash

Joe Nash | Service Manager

Joe has been in the automotive industry for over 24 years with extensive experience in both the Parts and Service departments. As a car wash attendant at a young age, Joe quickly realized that his passion could also be his career and has worked in a variety of automotive roles. Joe first fell in love with Porsche while he was in school where his friend had a 944 – however his dream car is a classic 911.Joe enjoys just about anything that involves an engine, he is a licensed private pilot, avid snowmobiler, and enjoys the outdoors. 

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Steve Breley

Steve Breley | Parts Manager

As far back as Steve could remember he always had his eye on a black 911 with a Targa roof top. As soon as he could drive, he was always modifying the car. Every time Steve bought another car, his dad would always laugh as he knew the first thing Steve would do was change the stereo…and then the wheels right after. It had to be different. Steve has owned many cars over the years, however still not that 911 Targa, yet. Steve’s passion for cars brought him into the automotive industry. He was on my way to becoming a technician, however his focus changed once he was led into the Parts Department. “Just look at all those parts that belong on cars!” Steve has been in the automotive parts industry since 1994 with extensive experience working with luxury brands. Steve’s main focus is always the customer. Steve enjoys meeting new people and assisting them with their vehicle needs. Steve is also a big fan of music, in particular he loves the drums – but says spending time with family is the most important.

Phone: 647.925.1390 • Email:

Lorrie Kwong

Lorrie Kwong | Financial Services Manager

Lorrie has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years, including extensive experience in the luxury and sports vehicle segments. In Lorrie’s opinion the exterior design of a vehicle is key; however the performance of the vehicle is most important. With that being said, it’s to no surprise that her favorite car is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. In her spare time Lorrie enjoys staying fit by working out at the gym and calls herself a foodie who enjoys trying different cuisines. Lorrie’s favorite part about her customer interactions is getting to know her clients and customizing a vehicle or financial plan that best suits their needs. Lorrie is fluent in Cantonese and English.

Phone: 647.524.7268 • Email:

Jenmy Kwan

Jenmy Kwan | Financial Services Manager

Jenmy brings over 10 years of experience in the luxury automotive industry. She is enthusiastic about everything innovative especially when it comes to sustainability and a greener future. That’s the reason why her favorite Porsche is the All-Electric Porsche Taycan. She is proud to stand behind a visionary company.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading various genres and tending to her bee-friendly garden. Jenmy is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen | Financial Services Manager

Michelle started her career in luxury automotive brands in 2011. Since then, she’s held various client facing positions in Sales and Financial services, all with one goal in mind – delivery excellence.Michelle’s extensive customer service experience enables her to deliver top notch professional advice that can only be matched by the value that the Porsche brand stands for. Michelle spends most of her spare time with family. She’s also a beginner golfer, but avid one as she attempts to golf every opportunity she gets. Michelle is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Phone: 647.529.5882 Ext. 111 • Email:

Jerry Liu

Jerry Liu | Sales Executive

When Jerry first saw a Porsche 964 as a kid knew he had developed a passion for Porsche automobiles. Jerry’s goal is to pass his passion for Porsche on to all his clients and help them achieve their Porsche dreams. Born in Mainland China, Jerry can speak Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. After graduating from York University in business he went on to work for a luxury automotive dealership for six years before joining Porsche Centre North Toronto. Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, and enjoys playing badminton, soccer, and video games in his spare time.

Phone: 647.554.7268 • Email:

Daniel Rizkalla

Daniel Rizkalla | Sales Executive

Growing up in Dubai, Daniel quickly developed a passion for the luxury automotive industry and it became his dream to one day drive a Porsche Carrera GT. Daniel prides himself on exceeding customer expectations and providing each one with a unique automotive experience. Besides the Porsche world, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family, training martial arts and watching the Toronto Raptors basketball team. Daniel speaks English and Arabic.

Phone: 647.549.7268 • Email:

Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong | Sales Executive

Leslie has been in the automotive industry since 2010 and has developed a passion for luxury and performance vehicles over the years. His dream car while in school was the Porsche GT2 when they brought back the iconic round lights. Leslie graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music Degree. With an education background, he is extremely patient and enjoys guiding every customer through their dream Porsche. With over 15 years of sales experience, he is keen on building strong relationships with his clients. In his spare time, Leslie is an avid cyclist and enjoys spending time with his loving wife and daughter. He is fluent in Cantonese and English.

Phone: 647.376.7269 • Email:

Samantha Barker

Samantha Barker | Sales Executive

Samantha’s passion for Porsche dates back to when she was a little girl; dreaming one day that she would race them. After 9 years in the automotive industry, three premium brands later, Samantha knew she had to connect back with where her love for cars all started. Samantha prides herself on delivering the highest level of customer service to her customers. Samantha’s favorite Porsche is the Panamera Turbo. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and dining for sushi.

Phone: 647.376.4768 • Email:

Victor Emilov

Victor Emilov | Sales Executive

Ever since Victor was a little boy he had a strong passion for cars that continued to grow with each and every day. Being of European background, Porsche has always been a dream brand Victor wanted to be a part of.  He’s been fortunate to have had the privilege of working amongst some of the premium German automotive brands in his past and is excited to now be working with his dream brand. When Victor is not talking about cars he enjoys spending time with his family and tries to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising a few times a week and travelling. Victor speaks English and Bulgarian.

Phone: 647.524.4768 • Email:

Rany Chen

Rany Chen | Sales Executive

Having been in the automotive industry since 2012, Rany has developed a strong passion for cars and vehicle sales. Rany has always loved luxury and sporty vehicles, and after experiencing Porsche she knew it was her dream to work there and own one. Rany’s favorite Porsche is the new 911 GT3. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, especially her two gorgeous baby nieces. Rany also loves experiencing new restaurants and try new food with friends. Rany is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

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Owen Xu

Owen Xu | Sales Executive

Need for Speed – Porsche Unleashed, was a video game launched in 2000, which Owen played everyday with strong passion when he was in high school. Ever since then, the 1997 Porsche 911 GT3 became Owen’s dream car. Owen has been in the automotive industry for many years, including 6 years of unique sales experience with other British luxury SUV and sports car brands.  Owen knows how to provide an exceptional customized purchase experience to every single client. After work, he enjoys spending time outdoor biking with his wife and daughter. Owen speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Phone: 647.325.7268 • Email:

Erica Zhao

Erica Zhao | Sales Executive

Having been engaged in the luxury auto industry for over a decade, Erica Zhao is well trained in Germany's professionalism and infiltrated in both oriental and occidental auto cultures. This background, together with courtesy and efficiency, will enable her to present state-of-the-art consultant service and bring great satisfaction to customers of Porsche Centre North Toronto. 911 Carrera S Cabriolet distinguishes itself as her favorite Porsche as its edge in acceleration suits her passion for speed racing, and its stream-lined design echoes her enthusiasm for art enjoying. Erica loves enjoying music and spending time with family during her day off.

Phone: 647.355.7268 • Email:

Cherry Jiang

Cherry Jiang | Sales Executive

Cherry began her ventures in the luxury automotive industry in 2015 and has quickly developed her passion for high performance luxury cars. Representing Porsche makes her beyond proud, customer satisfaction is constantly her top priority. Not only assisting clients to find the dream car, but also delivering the unique and extraordinary experience to them.  Cherry’s favourite Porsche is the 911 993 as it was the final incarnation of the air-cooled 911. In her spare time, Cherry enjoys spending time with family and friends. Cherry is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Phone: 647.376.7268 • Email:

Muhammad Shahzad

Muhammad Shahzad | Porsche Pro

Prior to joining Porsche Centre North Toronto as a Porsche Pro, Muhammad was a Sales Intern at Porsche Cars Canada. Having worked in both the corporate and retail sectors of the industry has allowed him to explore the different industry perspectives. His favourite part of the job is the daily customer interaction which allows him to deliver a unique Porsche experience to every client. He believes Porsche is the epitome of German automobiles due to their perfect combination of sport and luxury. His favourite Porsche is the 911 Turbo S. In the future, Muhammad wants to either advance within the Porsche brand as a Sales Executive or Financial Services Manager. Muhammad speaks Urdu, Punjabi, and English.

Phone: 647.394.7268 • Email:

Leslie Woods

Leslie Woods | Customer Concierge Manager

Leslie’s automotive passion stems from spending Saturday's visiting her Dad at the dealership where he worked. Being surrounded by nice cars and an exciting environment, she couldn't imagine any other career. Leslie graduated from the Canadian Automotive Institute (CAI) Business Administration at Georgian College. She has 14 total years spent in the retail sector of the industry, many within the luxury market as a Sales Consultant and as a Financial Services Manager. Leslie has a passion for fast cars. When she’s not at work, Leslie and her husband like to spend their time on the golf course, as well with family and friends.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Clinton Bentley

Clinton Bentley | Workshop Manager

Clinton went to Centennial College to be a Service Technician, however he changed course half way through his studies to concentrate on the administration side of the Automotive Industry. Clinton has been working in the industry since 2005 at German automotive dealerships. He started off in the wash bay before progressing to tower operator, and eventually Warranty Manager.   Clinton rebuilt his first engine at the age of 6.  Clinton has visited 44 countries and greatly enjoys traveling. In his spare time, he golfs, snowboards and cycles.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Mark Kasperowicz

Mark Kasperowicz | Service Advisor

Mark has been in the automotive industry since 2007. He completed his education as a Service Technician and started his career as a Detailer before progressing to a Service Advisor. Mark is very customer oriented and he strives to exceed customers expectations. In his spare time, Mark loves spending time with his family, including his 3-year-old girl. His favorite Porsche is any 911 from the 1990’s. Mark speaks English and Polish.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Tony Liu

Tony Liu | Service Advisor

Tony has been in the automotive industry since 2006 where he started as a service greeter and progressed to become a Service Advisor. Tony prides himself on delivering the highest quality service to each and every customer he interacts with. Tony’s favorite Porsche is the 2005 Carrera GT. Outside of work he loves to be active and play Basketball, which is his favorite sport. Tony loves exploring different foods and cuisines. Tony speaks English and Mandarin.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Juliana Veiga

Juliana Veiga | Service Advisor

Growing up Juliana gained an interest in cars from watching her father work as a body prep and painter. When she was 14 her father taught her how to drive manual transmission and it fueled her passion more and more. Juliana had never imagined herself working in the automotive industry but ended up as a service coordinator after finishing her B.B.A. and taking the position so she could start her career. Juliana has been in the automotive industry since 2015 and claims that it just keeps getting better! Working for Porsche is exciting everyday and she can’t pick a favourite model because there are just too many great ones to pick from, new and classic. When she’s not fascinating about cars, you’ll find her at the gym, eating out, or travelling.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Andrew Da Costa

Andrew Da Costa | Workshop Foreman/ Gold Certified Technician

Andrew has been a car lover ever since he received a Porsche 911 Turbo remote controlled car as a toddler. Whenever he got any new toys the first thing that he had to do was take it apart to see how it works. Being in a family full of engineers, Andrew decided to pursue a job in the automotive industry in 1998. Andrew has been with Porsche since 2009 and is a Gold Certified Porsche Technician. It was a defining moment when Andrew watched the movie Bad Boys in 1995 and saw the Porsche 911 Turbo on the big screen -- it was then Andrew was determined to one day own his very own and turn his remote-controlled toy into a reality. Andrew loves speed, in his spare time you'll either find him on his sport bike or living his childhood dream zipping around the city in his 991 Turbo.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Shawn Skilich

Shawn Skilich | Bronze Certified Technician

Shawn's passion for racing and motorsports made it fitting for him to join the Porsche brand since motorsports is imbedded in the brands DNA. Other than the Porsche GT cars like the GT4 and GT3, he deeply loves the air-cooled 911's, particularly the 964's. Having worked for other luxury brands previously, Shawn has gained top notch work ethic and excellent customer service. Outside of work, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, working on his project cars in his garage, riding Motorcycles, and it is not uncommon to find Shawn at our local race tracks putting his latest project to the test.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Zoltan Laszlo

Zoltan Laszlo | Gold Certified Technician

Zoltan has been an automotive technician since 1990 and with Porsche since 1998. Since he was a kid he always had a love for cars, motorcycles and airplanes. His love for Porsche started when he saw a 930 Turbo for the first time. During his teenage years he could always been found at his friend’s shop where he learned the fundamentals of an automotive vehicle. Zoltan is a big fan of racing and strives to never miss watching any of his favorites. In his spare time Zoltan likes to spend time with family and friends, as well as practice horseback riding. Zoltan’s all-time favorite Porsche is the Carrera GT.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez | Bronze Certified Technician

Aaron attended Centennial College and has been an automotive technician since 2008. Aaron brings a huge amount of positive energy into the Workshop through his laugh that you can often hear from far away and his smile. Even when working on tough jobs you can catch Aaron smiling with a positive attitude to get the job done right. His favorite Porsche is the Carrera GT; however, he also owns a 944 Turbo that he will drive to work on nice summer days. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time his response is, “play in the garage” followed by a typical contagious Aaron giggle.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Johnny Kalo

Johnny Kalo | Gold Certified Technician

Johnny started his career from an early age at his father’s shop and then started working on heavy duty machines as a technician. He had always admired his neighbour’s red 911 when he was a child and always used to tell his parents that one day he wanted to fix those cars when he grows up. That dream came true when Johnny moved to Canada and had the chance to work in different shops specializing on Porsche and other luxury cars. Johnny has been working on Porsche since 2004 and he is a Silver Master Technician. Johnny brings a strong amount of knowledge and experience to Porsche Centre North Toronto. He is meticulous about every detail and is focused on taking good care of every car. His passion for Porsche excels daily with the changing technology and new models. His favourite Porsche is the 991 GT3 RS. During his free time, he likes to spend time with his family and two children, enjoys riding his motorcycle and plays the keyboard. Johnny is fluent in four languages including English, French, Armenian and Arabic.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Thomas Steigerwald

Thomas Steigerwald | Bronze Certified Technician

Thomas has always had a love for cars, and anything with an engine.  From a young age he has enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. Thomas has worked with German cars since 2008 and is thrilled to be at the top of the German car brands with Porsche. His favourite Porsche is the 911 GT3. In his spare time Thomas enjoys being in the outdoors, doing things like camping, canoeing and portaging in the back country of Northern Ontario.  He also enjoys flying through the trails in his ATV. 


Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Leo Sollecito

Leo Sollecito | Bronze Certified Technician

Leo is thrilled to be working at Porsche Centre North Toronto. He has always had a passion for cars, especially Porsche.  After spending about 10 years in the automotive industry working on German cars, this is the place for him.  If Leo could own any Porsche it would be a 991.2 GT3. During Leo’s childhood he spent a lot of time with his father working on family vehicles, and that eventually led to his career of choice, to be an automotive technician. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, camping and spending time with family and friends.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Massata Gueye

Massata Gueye | Apprentice Technician

Massata’s passion for speed and automotive stared at a young age - every time he got a model car or remote control he would take it apart and put it back together. As a fan of racing he is a frequent visitor of Mosport and remembers waking up every Sunday morning to watch Michael Schumacher with his grandmother… he still dreams of becoming a F1 driver one day. The Porsche he would like to own is a 2008 911 GT2.  Massata describes Porsche as a car like no other. As a big guy, he loves coming out of such fast and nimble car. He also loves how Porsche uses power to the fullest potential and how taking corners feels so effortless. Massata loves playing soccer and loves to eat.  Other than Toronto, he would choose to live in Barcelona. His experience includes working at dealerships and he recalls doing is first motor swap while he was in high school.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Alberto Sacco

Alberto Sacco | Apprentice Technician

Alberto’s passion for cars started when he was a kid helping his dad wrench on cars. He has been working in the automotive industry since he was 16, and is hoping to become an apprentice, and then a certified technician in the future. Alberto has a keen eye and ensures every car detailed is done to perfection. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with friends, work on his own car and drive through winding back roads. Alberto’s favorite Porsche is the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS.

Phone: 647.925.1391 • Email:

Brian Fettes

Brian Fettes | Parts Advisor

Coming from a car family, Brian was able to nurture his huge love for cars (or really anything with an engine in it) almost before he could walk. While he works out to in order to be a better runner, he also tunes and maintains his vehicles to ensure top performance. People that know Brian are aware that he has a great love for muscle cars which comes from a love for a car that is special and unique. The uniqueness of each Porsche is what Brian loves about the Porsche brand. Brian’s opinion is “while we can look at numbers all we want, in the end it's all about how the car makes you feel looking at it, thinking of it and driving it, and Porsche is a special car to me.”

Phone: 647.925.1390 • Email:

Rom Capalad Jr.

Rom Capalad Jr. | Parts Advisor

Rom brings over automotive industry experience since 1999, with the Porsche brand since 2011.  He was able to experience the west coast automotive market when he was living in Vancouver from 2013-2017.  Rom's Porsche passion sparked from when he owned a classic Porsche 964, and from his uncle who owned multiple Porsche cars. Rom enjoys riding motorcycles and bikes, traveling and playing competitive sports. He believes the key to excellent customer service is to build long-term relationships with clients using his extensive Porsche knowledge and passion. Rom speaks English and Tagalog.

Phone: 647.925.1390 • Email:

Teresa Lamacchia

Teresa Lamacchia | Receptionist

Teresa has been in the automotive industry since 2011. Teresa’s favourite Porsche is the Porsche 911 Turbo S. Teresa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from York University and is currently completing her paralegal certification at Seneca College, however, Teresa has always had a passion for the automotive industry. In her spare time Teresa likes exercising at the gym, trying new foods, playing soccer and volleyball, and travelling.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Allison Tsang

Allison Tsang | Receptionist

Allison is new to the auto industry and her love for fast, luxurious cars sparked from the Fast and Furious franchise and is what drove her to the Porsche brand. She is currently a pre-law student at the University of Toronto and hopes to start a career where she can mix both her passion for cars and law together. A self-proclaimed foodie, Allison also enjoys travelling, hiking, and anything that will get her outdoors and under the sun. Allison can speak English, French, and Mandarin.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Luisa Capra

Luisa Capra | Receptionist

Luisa has been in the automotive industry since 2012. She has had the opportunity to work with various super-luxurious brands. Currently, Luisa is completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies at Humber College, however her true passion is within the automotive industry, and more specifically the Porsche brand. Luisa’s favourite Porsche is the 911 Targa 4S. Luisa enjoys exercising at the gym, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Shamela Mohamed

Shamela Mohamed | Human Resources & Payroll Manager

Shamela brings 18 plus years of experience in the human resources and payroll field in both Corporate and Automotive environments. Her passion for cars began when she learned to drive which regularly takes her to the Toronto IndyCar circuit.  Shamela’s interests outside of work includes Martial Arts where she competes regularly on an international competitive team.  She also enjoys travelling and visiting new places which comes with competing across North America.  She enjoys watching basketball and is a diehard Toronto Raptors fan.


Adriano Bernaudo

Adriano Bernaudo | Marketing Manager

Adriano brings a high level of enthusiasm and passion to the Porsche Centre North Toronto team. His first job in the automotive industry was when he was 17 where he realized his career needed to be in automotive. Hidden away in his garage is a 1975 Porsche 914 that he hopes to fully restore one day. His favorite Porsche is the 997 GT2. In his spare time Adriano enjoys playing soccer, and spending time with family and friends.

Phone: 416.346.8771 • Email:

Schyler Polyzotis

Schyler Polyzotis | Sales Administrator

Schyler’s passion for cars developed when she participated in the Grand Prix Toronto 2006. Her career in the automotive industry began in 2008 as a receptionist and she has since worked her way to become a Sales Administrator. Schyler has had the opportunity to be surrounded by luxury cars for so many years thus making the move to Porsche a dream come true. When she’s not working she loves traveling, adventure walks and bike rides with her husband or you can find Schyler training for her next Half Marathon/OCR.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email:

Dilreet Kaur-Kurl

Dilreet Kaur-Kurl | Controller

Dilreet started her career in the automotive industry as a part-time student over a decade ago. She has been a supercar fanatic from the days watching the popular British television series Top Gear back in 2006. Her favorite Porsche, that she hopes to own one day, is the 911 Turbo S. She describes it as "the supercar for everyday driving and a winner on every day roads". When not around cars, Dilreet enjoys watching NFL, all thanks to her husband who is a diehard sports fan. Her favorite football team is the New England Patriots. Dilreet brings 10 years of automotive experience as a Controller, a high level of integrity and dependability with a sense of urgency to her role at Porsche Centre North Toronto.

Phone: 416.420.5628 • Email:

Tasnim Osman

Tasnim Osman | Senior Accounting & Controlling Assistant

Tasnim knew she was very comfortable in fast cars from a young age, as a passenger or a driver. Getting behind the wheel of any luxury car and feeling the power gives her an adrenalin rush. Tasnim said Porsche takes her appreciation of fine engineering to another level of enthusiasm. With a history of accounting, sales and customer service, she is known as a jack of all trades and always open to take on a challenge. Tasnim loves to cook, read and discover new places with her family.

Phone: 416.494.4911 • Email: